I’ve just started the process of getting Greyborn Studios‘ social networks turned on in preparation for officially launching the studio and soon after our first game. The last pieces of this are to figure out a good starting theme for the website as well as decide exactly what are online strategy is regarding where and when to provide information. This is important because it can easily become a full-time job managing our online presence and being the lean and mean startup we are, we can’t really afford a full-time community manager right now!

Questions running through my mind are:

  • Should we have a dedicated game Facebook page (and perhaps other social media as well), or just keep everything focused around our Greyborn social ecosystem?
  • Where do we ultimately want to focus/push our customers? Around our Facebook page or our own website (and maybe even a mailing list)?
  • What about things such as SnapChat? It’s popularity makes it hard to ignore, but what is the correct content for that medium? How about Twitch for that matter?
  • What about a company blog? And if we do have one, what about posts such as this– should they be on that blog instead?

Ahhh, the modern online social media noise of our times!

Written by Scott Blinn
Serial entrepreneur and veteran game developer. CEO, Creative Director, and co-founder at Greyborn Studios who also has a passion for business, technology, game development, and fitness. Also a hobbyist photographer and 3D artist.